What we do

Cardboard Citizens makes theatre for social change. We empower people with lived experience of homelessness and strive to change society’s perceptions of homeless people.

Cardboard Citizens impact report 2022-23 (1)



We make theatre for homeless and ex-homeless people and for general audiences. Often our theatre is participatory, informed by the Theatre of the Oppressed methodology. We are the UK’s leading practitioners of this approach. This type of theatre can spark change in individuals and society.

Who and Where?

We tell stories that need to be told, stories which can effect change locally, nationally and internationally, on the stage, in the street, through hostels, centres and prisons.

Our Influence

We believe that theatre, whether experienced as audience or participant, can be a space for better understanding ourselves and who we could be, and the world we live in and what it could be. We create work as a catalyst for debate, to influence opinion and stimulate change.

A Creative Hub

We create spaces in which theatre illuminates homelessness, supporting participants to develop confidence, skills, qualifications and employment.