I can’t imagine anyone leaving it unchanged in some profound way...

Rebecca Nicholson, The Observer, on Bystanders

Cardboard Collective: Live at Hoxton Hall

Tuesday 16th July, 7pm – 9pm

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570 X 200 (1)

Cardboard Citizens Presents: More Than One Story

Thu 25 July, 1 - 4:00pm

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Citz Theatre Makers with Conrad Murray

Tue 4 Jun - Tue 13 Aug, 5pm – 8pm

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Member Led Open Space

Wed 14 Aug, 2pm - 3:30pm

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A heartbreaking examination of collective responsibility.

The List, review of Bystanders


28 March to 13 May 2023


23 May - 2 July 2022

Open meeting for LGBTQ+ Members

Thursday 22 April from 6pm - 7:30pm


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It's given me this sense of being part of a big family

Eric's Story

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