Eric’s Story

How did you find out about Cardboard Citizens?

Through Crisis Skylight. I signed up for a workshop they were running there in March 2018.  

Why should someone join Citz?

If someone is homeless or experienced homelessness and finds hard to cope with the trauma caused by this and needs some support, directions or professional, friendly advice in a peaceful environment;  

If someone is shy and lacks confidence and wants to change it;  

If someone is very lonely and wants to meet the nicest people under the sun who could become his or her best friends;  

If someone is interested in theatre or acting in general, or if that person has an artistic soul and would like to broaden horizons and artistic skills;  

If someone believes to change the world for better through the arts;  

If someone is looking for life changing experience;   

then definitely this person should join Citz 

What has been your favourite moment with Citz so far?

Every workshop has been so far a fantastic and unique experience. I also love coming to Citz Members Meetings every three months. They are like big family gatherings – apart from the fact that there are no arguments and everyone is happy to see each other.  But my favourite moment was working with the residents of the Bristol Cardboard Camp. The whole event was unforgettable and I had the time of my life over there.

What support has Citz given you?

I received a lot of support from Citz on psychological, artistic, social, financial, educational levels. When I joined Citz, I was deeply depressed, lost, unhappy, scared, frustrated, angry, alone, insecure. It all has changed since, through taking part in a large number of workshops, meeting fantastic people, with many of whom I am now friends for life. Citz also assisted me to get training from Morley College. It has given me this incredible sense of being an important part of a big family. I am very grateful.