What we do

Cardboard Citizens aims to create space for people in society through engaging & unlocking the life changing and unlimited possibilities of theatre and art. We do it with a conscious heart, soul & brain for, with and by the people that don’t feel like they have a home because of lived experience of homelessness, poverty, or societal inequity. We engage deeply and creatively with the injustices of our society, and we invite everyone to play a part.

Our mission

Cardboard Citizens creates work with and for people who experience homelessness, inequity, or poverty. We provide theatre/art/training that explores, interrogates, and challenges the injustices that are most alive in our world. We believe that theatre and art can transform, that it can challenge the individual to grow and ignite a fire in the belly of wider society to change.

When you make work or train with us, you create a shared and determined belief that our work, our voices, our lives will never cease to be important, we will make sure that they never cease to be heard. Together we create a world that we want to see, a world where you can challenge what the world said you should achieve and be, a world where art is seen as one of the most important things that we humans can create, that the barriers that stop people making art are dismantled and taken down together. That the walls that stop us accessing equity are demolished so that we together can see & create our version of justice. All while making or learning to make the most incredible art that has ever been made.

Your art.

When you watch our work, it activates you to feel, to empathise or to open your eyes to the injustices that are most alive in our world. We offer you a choice to challenge the stereotypes, preconceived notions, and thoughts you didn’t even know you had and personally continue that growth in your everyday life, individually and then as a community. Our work will bring more people closer together to make new citizens, ones that aren’t defined by borders, governments, and laws, but by the communal want to be a better world because if you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything.

We are all Cardboard Citizens.