More Than One Story  – Casting Call

Cardboard Citizens is producing a series of short films that aim to share and raise awareness of different experiences of homelessness.  More Than One Story will challenge perceptions and highlight that there is diversity to what it means to be homeless in Britain today.

We have commissioned industry leading writers with lived experience of homelessness, inequity or poverty to write a monologue that shines a light on a certain perspective of homelessness. These monologues will be performed by actors, directed by Chris Sonnex and made into a series of short films in partnership with Black Apron Entertainment.  The short films will be shared via a series of events and a  media campaign. 

We’re inviting Cardboard Citizens Members and actors who have lived experience of homelessness, inequity and poverty who fit the character briefs to apply to audition.  

Character briefs

To note ages listed below are playing ages.  It doesn’t necessarily mean that you are that age, it’s an age that you consider yourself capable of credibly portraying.  

  • Character 1: 22-year-old South Asian woman 
  • Character 2: 15-year-old Bangladeshi boy 
  • Character 3: 30 – 40-year-old woman 
  • Character 4: 40+ year old Black man 
  • Character 5: 20 – 30-year-old woman 
  • Character 6: 17 – 25-year-old, trans-masculine or non-binary
  • Character 7: 50+ year old Black man
  • Character 8: 45 – 55-year-old Scottish woman 
  • Character 9: 25 – 45-year-old man


Actors must be available for ALL the following dates: 

Rehearsals (Times TBC – will not be full day): 

  • Wednesday 13th March  
  • Wednesday 20th March  
  • Wednesday 27th March  
  • Wednesday 3rd April  

Filming (Times TBC – will not be full day): 

  • Monday 8th April  
  • Tuesday 9th April  
  • Wednesday 10th April  


Actors’ fees will be in line with ITC/Equity rates, plus travel expenses to rehearsals and filming days.  

How to apply

To apply to audition please send us the following information: 

  1. A recent photo of yourself  
  2. Your contact details – email and telephone number  
  3. Which role(s) you’re applying for  
  4. A summary of why you would like to be a part of the project and any relevant experience that you have   
  5. Confirmation you’re available for the audition, rehearsal and filming dates  

You can put this in writing, make a video or send us a voice note.  

Please send your application to Hollie (Senior Producer) via email on, or via WhatsApp on 07716 492190. 

The deadline to apply is 6pm on Friday 16 February. 


If you’re a good fit for one or more of the roles we’re casting for, we’ll invite you to come to an in-person audition at Cardboard Citizens HQ, Greenfield Road.   

We aim to let all candidates know if they have been invited to an audition by 6pm on Monday 19 February.  

The auditions will take place on:  

  • Wednesday 21 February 
  • Friday 23 February 

If you are invited to audition, you’ll be sent a section of a monologue to familiarise yourself with. In the audition, we’ll discuss the character and try some re-direction/notes.  We won’t expect you to have learned the scenes – you can read them off the page.  

The audition will be with the Director, Chris Sonnex and Senior Producer, Hollie Smith.  

If your audition is successful, we’ll aim to let you know by Friday 8 March (at the latest) and will give all candidates feedback on their audition if requested.