Imagine your story told through all the worst moments in your life.

Sometimes our only way of discovering the lives of people affected by poverty and homelessness is through the public records of the times they might rather forget…

Cardboard Citizens join Professor Nick Crowson from the University of Birmingham to become “genealogical detectives” – rooting through newspaper reports and police records to discover the stories of those criminalised for being homeless.

Drawing on historic documents, imagined lives, and personal experience of the struggle for a place to call home, Cardboard Citizens introduce you to the people wandering through history.

Three participants from a previous Cardboard Camps look at one of the participant's held-out hands in wonder.

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Every Person Wandering was written and performed by members of Cardboard Citizens, based on research by Professor Nick Crowson of Birmingham University.

Telling the stories were writers Sasha Winslow, Pixie Maddison and Libby Liburd, with additional material by Jonquil Panting.

The Writer’s Circle leader was Lisa Ogun.

The performers were Jo Galbraith, Terell Gayle, Jake Goode, Brendan Lyons, K.T. Marsh, David Olapoju, Adar Owuna, Brandon Richards, John Watts and Yvonne Wickham.

The Beggar’s Ballad was written and performed by Errol McGlashan.

The director was Jonquil Panting, from an original concept by Adrian Jackson,

A Jonx Production for BBC Radio 4.

Image shows Jose Artacho Jimenez, plus his 1921 Census entry from 19th June 1921, when he was in Brixton Prison awaiting deportation as an Undesirable Alien.

With thanks to: Terry O’Leary, Claire Gilbert and Kiri Grant, and Cardboard Citizens members who took part in development: Tim Bennett and Dionne Williams.

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