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Fill in the survey and get support with any issues raised in Bangers

Audience Survey

The artwork for Bangers, where the show's three characters are stood in front of a city landscape during sunset. The person on the left has shoulder-length black hair, is wearing gold square hoop earrings, a dark blue hoodie with white stripes down the long sleeves, and a red tank top. They are smiling broadly. The person in the middle is crouched down, holding their hands and index fingers out. They have short curly black hair and are wearing a beige top with white logo on the front and grey jogging bottoms. The person on the right and at the back has slightly longer curly black hair with white tips and faded sides. They have a black beard and are wearing a cream jacket with blue patterns, dark blue shirt, and a gold watch & gold ring. They are holding their left hand out with thumb pointed up.

Tell us what you thought about the show!

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Bangers Soundtrack

a man stands behind a DJ booth there are red and blue spotlights shining on him from the right and left

Check out the amazing bangers you heard on stage....

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Bangers Support

Bangers Support Page

View our support guides to find out about services in London.

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Cardboard Collective

Cardboard Collective

Find out about our brand new Cardboard Collective music event programme for 16-25s.

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Community Programme

Two Cardboard Citizens Members sit and chat against a white background

Become a Member and join in with our Community Programme, including artist masterclasses.

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Routes into the Arts

A person with blonde tied-back hair and wearing a blue & white jumper is looking at a miniature set

Learn more about our upcoming workshops to help get a head start in working in the arts.

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Citz Writers

a man is sitting on a chair writing

Be the first in line for our second term of writing masterclasses with industry professionals.

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Theatre Making with Emma Baggott

Two people are sat reading from scripts. The person at the back and to the left has long black hair and is wearing a long sleeve dark green top. The person in front has long brown hair and is wearing a long sleeve yellow top and blue trousers

Learn about creating theatre and hone your skills in our exclusive Members-only course.

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Our Stories

Eric's Story

a man wearing a hat and a scarf looking at the camera

It's given me this sense of being part of a big family

Eric's Story

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two men high fiving and smiling

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