Stella’s Story

How did you find out about Citz?

I was looking to expand my creative side especially in the area of acting. I saw a flyer about a workshop happening at Cardboard Citizens and a friend who was a Member of Cardboard Citizens also referred me to the services.   

Why should someone join Citz?

At Cardboard Citizens, people are valued, empowered and supported. The staff are friendly, they show concern and care about one’s well-being. Having been faced with a lot of challenges, it was difficult for me to cope and this affected my mental health. Becoming a Member at Cardboard Citizens opened opportunities for me to receive support, including attending classes and activities which helped me to learn more about myself, enabling me to better manage my mental health. I was empowered and now I can confidently empower others.  

What has been your favourite moment with Citz so far?

So far, I have enjoyed every moment spent at Cardboard Citizens from completing a mentorship course, attending Introduction to Acting course at Morley College (supported by Cardboard Citizens), to completing the Forum Theatre workshop have all been an amazing experience. I enjoyed learning various skills, giving input, meeting people from different backgrounds, and making new friends. I also enjoyed the games and interactive activities very much, which allowed me to act freely and be myself.  

What support has Citz given you?

Cardboard Citizens has a wonderful support system in place. They have provided me with physical and emotional support. For instance, when I was working on my University application, I was worried and anxious because I wanted to get it right. Cardboard Citizens invited me to an employability workshop which was delivered by Barclays. At this workshop, I received support with restructuring my CV and interview tips. Additionally, Cardboard Citizens staff assisted me with my personal statement, all of which strengthened my University application and resulted in being offered a place to study Masters of Business Administration at one of the best university’s in London.