Elliot’s Story

How did you find out about Cardboard Citizens?

I originally found out about Cardboard Citizens through my hostel, ‘cause the charity that was supporting my hostel, Cardboard Citizens was linked with them, and they were holding acting sessions in the evening times at the Head Quarters, so I thought I’d attend and give it a go.   

Why should someone join Citz?

There’s a lot of reasons actually. I believe that if you join Cardboard Citizens it’s like a family here, like over these six months that I’ve been part of Cardboard Citizens I’ve sort of developed a family and it’s a nice area, it’s a safe space, if you need to talk you can talk and yeah… it’s really fun too, you do a lot of acting stuff, it’s good. 

What has been your favourite moment with Citz so far?

Ohhh there’s… it’s difficult, it’s difficult to choose because there’s, there’s so much, there’s so many good moments. I mean… I think it’s gotta be one of the ACT NOW sessions, I don’t know which one, but I like maybe when we had to play with like completely different characters cause it felt kinda out of body and there was a lot of laughter and like it was an open, free space, no judgement and, like, it felt so good.

What support has Citz given you?

They have given me a lot of support. Like, since I signed up to Cardboard Citizens, I’m less like reluctant, like… I am not really a talking person, I keep myself to myself, just sort of do life as it comes, but since I joined Cardboard Citizens, it gives me that that free space in the week that I can come here and relax, no stress. I can talk if I need to talk. I just feel like at home. Like I said like it was a family, I just feel included and, you know, good. What can I say, they’ve given a lot of support, to be honest, a lot.