Chelsie’s Story

How did you find out about Cardboard Citizens?

I’d seen Clean Break Theatre Company years ago and I’d heard through Clean Break about the Forum Theatre Week – that’s where I first heard about you.  

Why should someone join Citz?

If you’ve ever experienced homelessness or in the middle of sofa surfing, if you’re feeling lost, vulnerable, if you just want to have a change, you want to be around supportive people that will understand who you are and what you are going through – I’d definitely recommend Cardboard Citizens.

And if you’re at that stage in your life where you want to have some fun, get to know who you are and heal as well – I think, for me, it was emotional and psychological healing through theatre. For me, it was through creative play – I’d forgotten how to play and have fun for a very long time.  

What has been your favourite moment with Citz so far?

I think watching all the Members that joined around the same time as me – watching how everyone’s changed since they’ve been doing the courses. There’s been moments I’ve just seen joy on their faces, when they were getting in contact with who they were. That’s been one big long favourite moment for me.  

What support has Citz given you?

Ah humongous! I know I was suffering really bad depression when I first came here. My self-esteem was completely shattered.  They’ve helped build me up. You guys have been fantastic. The depression’s eased up. I’m not so quiet anymore – I’m more talkative, I smile more. I’ve got my confidence back in so many ways, since doing the courses.

I was quite isolated, I’d sort of learnt not to be around people and now I’ll talk to anybody, so that’s brilliant!

And to actually have fun, be creative and to be part of something that you know impacts on other people; that gives them a chance to have fun, and maybe reflect on their own experiences, and move on. That’s what Cardboard Citz has definitely given me, it’s given me, like… it is like an extended family.  It really is.