Adar’s Story

How did you find out about Cardboard Citizens?

Two old Members of Citz that I met at a photography course at Crisis Skylight London mentioned it to me. I did my Forum Week a few months after that and boom boom boom boom boom… here we are! 

Why should someone join Citz?

I’d say if you’re a creative in any form, Cardboard Citz has a lot of workshops that really helps build personal skills and development. I have seen it – someone struggling to just get their feet on the floor, changing into someone who, every single time you see them, they’re just shining and splurging out goodness. Creativity is at the core of Cardboard Citizens – there’s so many alternative creative opportunities and workshops, but there is also links to colleges and studying these things in further education.  

So if you’re a creative and you’ve experienced any traumas and hardships in your life, mental illness or homelessness or housing situations, and you’re still creative at the core,  it’s an incredible spot. 

What has been your favourite moment with Citz so far?

Hmm, favourite moment, favourite moment, favourite moment… Ahh! It’ll be split into about four or five. One of the coolest moments would’ve been the Here Us Now project and that was just next level – it was research,  people skills, communication skills and theatre skills. But the coolest thing about that project was that the whole of Citz and the whole of the team were like THE Team. Man, that was just something else. Yeah, incredible, such a privilege, such an honour to be part of that. 

What support has Citz given you?

Well, the biggest would be getting to complete a full course at Morley College. I started at beginners Acting, and then the very next term went to intermediate and then to advanced acting, and completed the whole course. Yeah that was a big thing. 

I have also, as mentioned earlier gained qualifications in Peer Mentoring and research methods and skills and have done different levels of a PEARL assessment which assesses various aspects of conduct, character, management and other skills within a working group environment. 

They have also supported me with funding for transport fare, for expenses, and there’s been a lot of emotional support as well.