Join Frantic Assembly practitioner Amelia Cardwell for this Citz Taster workshop, where you’ll learn the basics of the Frantic Method. 

Frantic Assembly’s work has had a huge impact on theatre making, highlighting the work of movement directors and choreographers in using the body as a method for storytelling, through the use of dance, movement and mime. 

The Frantic Method approaches devising as a series of tasks, each broken down into building blocks. This is designed to establish progress from the simplest discoveries. Performers are encouraged to take a moment back to its simplest truth and build from there.  

Using these building blocks, you’ll be empowered to begin to find and create work through a process that is safe, fun and constantly illuminating. The process encourages you to look past your perceived limitations and understand how your body tells stories and is capable of a strength and nuance you might not have recognised before. 

Please note you’ll need to be in the space and ready to warm-up at 2.30pm – if you arrive late, you will not be able to take part in the workshop as the warm-up is required. If you’re able to, please wear trainers.

Dates and Times

Thursday 16 February 2023