In this workshop, musician and composer Kareem Samara will share information about his practice with you and take you through the process of ‘narrating and soundtracking ‘ a passage of dialogue or action. In small groups, you’ll explore using instruments, percussion and voice to create a live, improvised soundtrack to work alongside theatrical text.

If you play an instrument that’s easy to transport and that you feel comfortable bringing to the workshop, please feel free to bring it along. Otherwise, we’ll provide a number of instruments, including those suitable for people who might not consider themselves musicians!

About Kareem Samara

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Kareem Samara is a musician and composer from London. He works with a wide variety of poets, writers and musicians across many disciplines in Europe, the USA and the Middle East. His work combines Arab and western acoustic instruments along with electronics, creating new lines of dialogue between traditions; resulting in a unique soundscape and performance. Unpredictable and raw, the improvisational method ensures no performance is the same.

‘Shoegaze-esque solo set that paired electronic foot pedals with Maqams played on history’s oldest string instrument… our ears bent like periscopes to catch every finger twist.’

His work for theatre includes You Bury Me (Paines Plough), Hakawatis (Shakespeare Globe), A History of Water in the Middle East (Royal Court) and The Chronicles of Majnoon Leila (The Gate).

Dates and Times

Friday 19 May 2023