In this workshop, artist Paula Varjack will introduce different ways of exploring multimedia within devising – using pop videos, film clips and cultural moments as source material to  experiment with, alongside live and recorded video. You’ll look at how to build sound recording and videos into your performance, including performing with recordings* of other participants (and yourself).

The workshop will support you to play with different pieces of recording kit and mobile, tablet and laptop cameras as tools you can also use when working in the rehearsal space to create work. We will also explore thinking about camera composition, performing for camera, speaker position, and use of monitors or projection.

*All recorded material will only be made for the purposes of the learning in the session, with any material deleted post-session. 

About Paula Varjack

Paula Varjack is an artist working in video, performance & participation. Show Me The Money stimulated dialogue and debate about money in the arts, while galvanising and giving confidence to artists to speak up about issues around artists’ pay. Though no longer touring, it continues as a blog. The Cult of K*NZO, created over sprawling layers of performance, video, sound design, social media and puppetry, shared stories of luxury brands, both those who design for, and those who worship them. She has had work commissioned by the Barbican, Battersea Arts Centre, Camden People’s Theatre, Attenborough Centre for the Arts, ARC and Proteus Theatre amongst others.

She is also one half of Varjack-Lowry with filmmaker Chuck Blue Lowry. Their digital performance iMelania explored their dual heritage while using Melania Trump as an avatar of an acceptably foreign woman. Their recent theatrical film TheBabyQuestion, shares stories of women who are childless by circumstance or choice, set in the world of a seventies Top of The Pops style chart show.

Born in Washington D.C. to a Ghanaian mother and a British father, out of many places she has lived, she considers East London to be “home”.

Dates and Times

Friday 28 July 2023