Whether you’re already registered as self-employed and want more information about how best to manage your Universal Credit payments alongside it or are interested in becoming self-employed soon but don’t know where to start, this workshop will teach you how to navigate the system.

In this workshop we will cover:

  • What it means to be self-employed and how to register as self-employed
  • How to fill out a basic tax return, including covering tax exemptions and how expenses work for self-employed artists
  • What being registered self employed means if you are in receipt of Universal Credit
  • Key things to know if you are applying for Project Grants (Arts Council Funding) and are in receipt of Universal Credit

Please note this workshop is for people who are currently self employed or looking to become self employed very soon.

As always, the space will be open for one hour before the session starts.

About Caitriona Shoobridge

Catriona Shoobridge Headshot

Caitriona Shoobridge is a director working in Theatre, Audio and Film. In 2020, Cat set up Classroom with fellow director Stef O’Driscoll. Classroom is an artist led project designed to ensure working class artists can remain in theatre, develop their skills and progress to leadership. Cat is a proudly working class artist who has been reliant on state benefits for many years and is passionate about sharing knowledge with other working / benefit class artists.

Dates and Times

Friday 24 November 2023 -Friday 24 November 2023