The Barclays Money Skills Programme supports and develops people’s financial capability.  The programme aims to help participants gain skills, knowledge and confidence to make informed financial decisions.  It is designed to provide innovative ways to support people in developing essential skills such as budgeting and managing debt. 

The workshop is intended to support: 

  • People who are homeless or who have experienced homelessness. 
  • People who are making or have just made a significant transition e.g. moving from a hostel into supported accommodation. 
  • People who are returning to work after a period of unemployment. 

When it comes to money, changes in circumstances like moving home or starting a new job can often be stressful, so getting the facts is a good place to start.  There are five information sections as part of the money skills session.  

  • Think about money and finances 
  • Understand financial words and products 
  • Look at ways to manage money 
  • Plan for good money management now and in the future
  • Find help and advice about money 

This workshop is a starting point for helping individuals to find ways of managing their money that are right for them.  It is only a guide and it is recommended that people seek further advice from the suggested sources in the Money Skills workshop and resources, or other people before they make any decisions that affect their money.

Sign up online or contact Matt LucasCardboard Citizens Membership Manager, with any questions you have. Email: Call or WhatsApp: 07568 957910.

Dates and Times

Friday 21 May 2021