Cardboard Citizens is hosting a series of conversations live on Facebook, investigating how Theatre of the Oppressed can inform a brighter path following the COVID-19 pandemic. 

What Now for the Theatre of the Oppressed? Conversations with TO Practitioners welcomes leading global practitioners of Theatre of the Oppressed – Augusto Boal’s methods for combining theatre and activism – and asks them the place each practitioner sees their work and the methodology occupying in the new world we are in, and in the future.

The conversations will be hosted by Adrian Jackson, Cardboard Citizens’ Artistic Director and translator of Augusto Boal’s work into English.  The practitioners come from all over the globe – including IndiaBrazil, Senegal, and Israel – offering us fascinating insights into theatre’s role in responding to the crisis. 

For theatre practitioners, students, and those interested in using the arts for social change, these conversations will open new, exciting and vital connections between the performing arts and a recovering world. 

The series continues each Friday afternoon. Watch our social media for more information about upcoming conversations, and subscribe to YouTube or Facebook to hear when we go live.