We, the undersigned staff of Cardboard Citizens, join our colleagues in the Arts and Social Sector in calling for an immediate permanent ceasefire in Gaza.

We have been horrified by the violence in Palestine which Amnesty International refer to as, ‘The unparalleled escalation of hostilities between Israel, Hamas and other armed groups [which] has taken a devastating toll on civilians.

Over 75% of Palestinian civilians are now displaced, and over 70% of civilian infrastructure has been destroyed.  As staff from an organisation which works with people who have lived experience of homelessness, we have been horrified by the violence and destruction perpetuated in Palestine.

We join our colleagues in calling for the release of General Manager Mustafa Sheta of Freedom Theatre who has been held hostage since December 13th 2023. This an attack on the global theatre community, and a direct attack on the cultural heritage of Palestine. We re-affirm our commitment to working with marginalised communities and those who suffer as a result of inequity.

We will always stand with all oppressed people and victims of global conflict. We reaffirm our commitment to anti-racism. We stand with our Muslim, Jewish and Christian colleagues, Members, artists and audience members, and all those who have been affected by the ongoing suffering in Palestine.

We encourage those who feel similarly to us regarding Gaza to act in whatever way they can and make some suggestions for action and solidarity below: