Here is the next in the series of audio recordings from the Resistance Theatre project.

Resistance Theatre is a body of work created by our Members. Over the past year a group have been coming together to write short plays about the housing crisis and record music inspired by these issues – thinking about what might be ahead and what can be done to help.

A recording from the series will be published each week on the website and you will be able to hear the whole series on soundcloud. The next in the series is Tracking written by Sasha Winslow and performed by Cardboard Citizens Members (see a full list of credits below).

More about the play

I originally wrote this exactly as it happened to me, although it was a protest about Climate Change, rather than homelessness. It could have been a frightening experience but at the time I was concentrating on finding the humour in it, like the police refusing to give me any toilet paper because they said it was too dangerous. The sounds are important. The clanging of the cell door. And the silence.

By Sasha Winslow

Listen here


Writer – Sasha Winslow
Performers – Adar Owuna, Two Left Feet, KT Marsh

Lead Director – Terry O’Leary
Assistant Director/ Recordings Director – River
Writers Circle Lead Facilitator – Lisa Ogun
Dramaturg – Sarah Woods
Lead Music Director – Charley Hullah
Music Producer – Conrad Kira
Producer – Kiri Grant
Assistant Producer – Aliyah Forde
Sounds of Resistance Project Coordinator – Bonny Herington