Here is the next in the series of audio recordings from the Resistance Theatre project.

Resistance Theatre is a body of work created by our Members. Over the past year a group have been coming together to write short plays about the housing crisis and record music inspired by these issues – thinking about what might be ahead and what can be done to help.

A recording from the series will be published each week on the website and you will be able to hear the whole series on soundcloud. The next in the series is Keeping It Dark In The Candlelight written by Raphael and performed by Cardboard Citizens Members (see a full list of credits below).

More about the play

I started writing, but in some cases it is like automatic writing, I simply start writing something and the more I write the more things unfold and develop. The script I wrote took on a life of its own. I simply went through the motions as it were. Making some notes using the old school way of pen on paper, as well as typing.

Once the first draft was reviewed, I realised what I had written and did my best not to make it too deep or political, but I was too late. As I liked the way the characters interacted with one another.

Ideally this performance would have taken place in a tent, at some type of grass roots music festival. So it would be good to have something of this nature being heard in the back ground perhaps. This setting also is useful to portray the hedonistic and bohemian aspect of the individual in question. However I really think this scene is too deep and controversial.

By Raphael Ibrahim Ghanchi

Listen here


Writer – Raphael Ibrahim Ghanchi
Performers – Alissa Christie, John Watts, Noah Silverstone
Lead Director – Terry O’Leary
Assistant Director/ Recordings Director – River
Writers Circle Lead Facilitator – Lisa Ogun
Dramaturg – Sarah Woods
Lead Music Director – Charley Hullah
Music Producer – Conrad Kira
Producer – Kiri Grant
Assistant Producer – Aliyah Forde
Sounds of Resistance Project Coordinator – Bonny Herington