It Is What It Is is a pilot podcast series created and hosted by Cardboard Citizens Act Now participants. In the three episodes, the team explores the issues that matter to them through lockdown – Stop & Search and profiling in the light of Black Lives Matter; Mental Health; and the importance of Youth Spaces.

Sameera Joseph, a member of the team that planned and recorded the podcast, introduces the series:

“It is what it is” is exactly just that. We discuss anything and everything to do with day-to-day life as a Londoner and what that means for us, particularly being young story tellers. Our topics cover the everyday world in which we are currently living in because this is what we know and this is what generates great conversation. So why not take that “conversation” to a platform like a podcast where anyone and everyone can tune in and listen to a group of young talented activists. We’re a family of talent that have been writing and performing thought provoking theatre pieces for a few years now and thought it was time for a change. COVID made sure of that. Without the ability to rehearse and engage in workshops in person at Cardboard Citizens HQ, we had to be innovative and come up with a new way to challenge social norms. Our actions effect all and it is our responsibility to take ownership of the world we live in. Like us, you can be a voice of today. This podcast is just that. Have a listen and do what you can to change the world of today to make for a better tomorrow.

All episodes will be released on this website and on Soundcloud. Each episode will have resources available relating to each episode’s theme.

The series ties into Act Now’s three-year campaign No Box No Label which trained our 16-25 Members in activism and campaigning skills – focusing on destigmatising young people who have experienced homelessness, and enabling them to speak up about the change they want to see.

The podcast features: Sameera Joseph, Beyonce Meikle, Jayda Elise, Rahim Khan, Anisah Yasmin, and Brendan James.
The podcast is produced by Conrad Kira.
Act Now and No Box No Label are supported by Comic Relief.