What does it mean to be creative in a young person’s space? The Citz Storytellers explore the impact of these services on our own wellbeing and professional development as artists.

Part of the It Is What It Is pilot podcast series.


  • A New Direction is an organisation supporting young creatives in London. They can facilitate Arts Award programmes and also run a scene called: 
  • Create Jobs London which helps young people in London find work within the creative industries (some members of Act Now at Cardboard Citizens have come through this)
  • Catch 22 The Hive is a Camden-based youth space which supports local “young people with education, employment, housing, sexual health, substance misuse and health and wellbeing” (some members of Act Now at Cardboard Citizens have come through this)
  • Metro is a charity who run a range of borough-specific youth groups and services for LGBTQ+ people living in South London
  • Access UK is a charity that provides employment and career support for young people who are Black, Asian or Ethnic Minority
  • The Prince’s Trust is a charity which supports young people in accessing new opportunities in work, education and training. 


Presenters: Anisah Yasmin, Beyonce Meikle, Brendan James, Rahim Khan, and Sameera Joseph.
The podcast is produced by Conrad Kira.
Act Now and No Box No Label are supported by Comic Relief.

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