In the light of #BlackLivesMatter, Citz Storytellers discuss stop and search law – particularly after protests following the killing of George Floyd, and in support of Black Lives Matter. We talk about our experiences, and your rights, using our critical background in Theatre of the Oppressed to explore changes we want to see in this policy.

Part of the It Is What It Is pilot podcast series.



  • UK Youth – take a look at their #YoungAndBlack campaign, telling the stories of young Black people in the UK
  • Met Police – official guidance from the Met Police on stop and search
  • Jacaranda – independent publisher that centres “around the voices and experiences of Black people, people of colour, women and other underrepresented voices”
  • ACMH Services – charity that provides culturally sensitive mental health services to African and Afro-Caribbean people
  • – campaign to challenge the negative and media stereotypes of black men, to “help create a world where black men feel adequately represented, empowered and heard”
  • About Race podcast – fellow podcast by Reni Eddo-Lodge, popular author of “Why I’m No Longer Talking to White People About Race”


Presenters: Beyonce Meikle, Brendan James, Jayda Elise, and Sameera Joseph.
The podcast is produced by Conrad Kira.
Act Now and No Box No Label are supported by Comic Relief.

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