As part of our programme of work to stay connected during lockdown we asked our Members to write a personal response to their creative journey with Cardboard Citizens. The resulting poem from Naheen, who is also one of our Ambassadors, is uplifting and poignant.

My Life At Cardboard Citizens

As I first walked through the door,
I could see the smiles you all proudly wore.
Making time for me with an offer of a tea and a chat,
In a private room we talked about what I wanted, and where I am at.
You listened and listened, and the care you gave me was so great.
So off I joined your groups, as I was so excited that I couldn’t really wait.

Gaining a qualification through doing the Peer Mentoring Course,
Good friends I made, and fellow Citz members became my continuing supportive source.
Meeting at the members network meetings every now and again,
Having a laugh, sing, dance and a chat is what we knew would ease our pain.
I had the chance to act, and tell a real life story in a verbatim play,
Where those from a council estate struggling with life and poverty, were able to have their say.

Without Cardboard Citizens during my isolation I would feel so alone, and with no voice,
As you give me a reason to get up in the morning, as with you I have so much choice.
You lift me out of the dark despair of depression and poor mental health,
As I get such so much creativity and connection with you, which is worth more than all the world’s material wealth.
I am touched and united by your kindness, compassion and empathy as a member,
As well as by your fight to improve the lives of those of us who face homelessness, poverty and social injustices, the people you truly remember.