Adrian Jackson writes:

We are very sad to hear of the death of Tom Hodgkins, who was a beautiful actor and a friend of the company.

Tom multi-roled in our production A Few Man Fridays at Riverside Studios, and he was a total joy to work with. He was funny, bright, thoughtful and ever-generous – one of those actors you are always happy to have in a cast, as you know they will only create good vibes around them. He was also a very funny man, when he wanted to be. A year or two back he did a lovely few days workshopping our Heathcote Williams play, The Ruff Tuff Creem Puff Estate Agency  (Heathcote is is also sadly no longer with us, though we are making a musical of his play). Tom was as delightful as ever to work with, and helped us move things forward.

Some of us only just got to see a typically gentle video message he sent out in April, in which he revealed his cancer diagnosis, and his impending marriage.

All of us at Cardboard Citizens pass on our sympathies to Tom’s friends and family.

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