Each month Cardboard Citizens Members have the opportunity to get together though Writers Circle, our online course aimed at providing a space to write creatively.

Here is a selection of Halloween themed writing from Jazzle and KT Marsh.

Broomstick by Jazzle

Under the bed lays a broom

Superstition dictates that it helps

Bring you home as you’re astral projecting.

I wonder if I need to coat it in flying ointment

Before I mount it in the witching hour

To travel to far-off dimensions and realities.

I could play Quidditch with it on Hampstead Heath

Indulging my inner child who remembers

How to play carefree and imaginatively

Would I be the seeker, chaser, beater or keeper?

I could use it to clear the hearth

Sweeping away negativity

Stir up stagnant energies

Ridding under the bed of dust bunnies

And jump over it at thresholds

For luck, health and new beginnings

I think about all the witches

Personified by my favourite actresses

Bette Midler, Nicole Kidman and Zoe Wannamaker

Robes and dresses fluttering in the wind

Glamourising the mystic


F.E.A.R by KT Marsh

Possessed means owned by or belonging to.   It means complete takeover.

I told him, “I’m not interested in what’s in your pockets; it’s every fibre of your being I want”.   Hmmm, he raised his eyebrows but didn’t reply (we always communicated much better without words).   “No-one owns another, but you interest me, brother.    Can I just borrow you for a little while – not too long?”  I wrote.    It’s only been a few years since then.

“Falling in love again (song)….” – no thanks!   Not after last time!

“I hope we meet again soon” I texted him.   He laughed so hard, he’s still telling that story now.   His new girlfriend or, “new bitch” as he called her, didn’t like it though.

The trouble is, I like the Alpha Male and his other wives tend to get all jealous.    She called me up.  “How dare you!” she screeched, and “eff off” times a hundred.    Why are people perpetually ringing me and shouting at me to eff off? – I’ll never get that.   I’ve got an infallible knack for triggering people’s anger, depend on it.    We do meet again though, him and me – we meet again regular.

I have no desire to possess anyone OR their stuff, merchandise, goods – I am more interested in the intangible.   What’s in their core.

If a witch or cult or Osho wanted to possess you/me/one, it is only possible if there’s a hole inside where your soul should be; a person’s CORE.   If there’s no middle, the sides could collapse at any moment and the roof fall in.    It’s dangerous.   Also an empty core is spoooooky!  What’s inside someone in their core, is their real essential self, without hiding, fear or pretence.

So I don’t want to be possessed, or possess, anyone else.   Just to feel safe together and trust you won’t suddenly implode.    And I’m not gonna hurt you, silly, I’m not tall enough.

All I’ve got for weaponry is this – squat pen.    Snug as a gun.