Covid Rage was written by our Member Lisa Ogun who runs the Writers’ Circle workshop. It demonstrates an an activity she runs in the workshop where each start of any character’s speech in a script format starts with the next letter of the alphabet, starting with ‘A’.

It Eats Me Up was written by Dele Oladeji as part of one of the workshops.

COVID RAGE by Lisa Ogun

Person X: Aren’t they finished yet? I’m going to be late (talking to person in front of her, Person Y, about the person at the counter)

Person Y: Better you go first then? I haven’t got much to do these days. Fucking Co-vid!

Person X: (Moving into place to use counter next), Could you give me some space then!

Person Y: Don’t give me that attitude luv. After I let you go in front of me! Isn’t this metre space enough for ya?

Person X: (mutters loudly) Except Government guidelines say its two metres.

Person Y: Fuck Government guidelines! Government guidelines?! Ya mean the same government who has placed a 6-person restriction on the country but allows the pub to be at its full capacity as long as the drinkers are sitting in groups of 6? That’s like 60-66 people, at least! Yet a 5-people family ain’t allowed to invite their Grandma and Granddad over for common, decent and cultural Sunday roast at the same time!? Don’t you start quoting the flipping Government to me luv!

Person X: Government says what it says, and we have to follow. Otherwise, we risk having a fine imposed on us.


Person Y: Have you finished? Thought you were going to be late luv?

Person X: I ain’t your luv? Is this how you speak to all women?

Person Y: Just hurry up will ya. LUV!

Person X: Keeping your distance will probably help me get on with it. Now will you? Please?

(Person Y makes a threatening gesture by stepping up to her, groin first, and wiggling his arms about like “What?”) 

Person X: Leave me alone! Let me just complete my transaction yeah? Look, thanks for letting me go first, but please. Do you mind?(points to cash machine) 

Person Z:  Mate! Just stop talking to her so she can concentrate, yeah? Why don’t you stand over there? (Points to the kerb) She obviously doesn’t want you that close. Plus, we’re meant to shield our PIN number anyways.

Person Y: No need to get all involved bruv! It’s just banter yanno.  (To Person X) Ain’t it luv?

Person X: (exasperated) Oh my Go/ (holds forehead)

Person Z: ((Squares up to Person Y, shouting & up in Person Y’s face) /Perhaps your ears need unclogging eh? A good thump should do the trick. Not only has she told you to stand back but she’s asked ya to stop calling her ‘luv’! Fucking Prick!

Person A: (comes outside from Spa shop next door) Quieten down out here will you lot please! Customers inside are tryna relax…

Person Y: Relax ?! Wasn’t relaxing at home in lockdown enough? Weren’t a hundred and a fuckin’ odd days enough to relax mate!? (Starts yelling and gets closer to Person A)

Person A: Stay back or put your face-mask on (wafts in front of his nose). Now please, stop yelling or I’ll have to call/

Person Y: /Tosser! (Clenches hand and thrusts it back and forth in his face) The lot of ya! Can’t be doing with you lot; I’ll come back when you idiots have gone man! (Leaves the scene muttering to himself)

Person X: Unbelievable! (Staring after Person Y, before turning back to cash point) 

Person A: Vulgar (rolls eyes; shakes head and goes back inside)

Person Z: Wanker!

Person B:  (to Person Z) X-x- x-cuse me? Are you next?

Person X: (tucking card & money away and turning round) Zeynep!!! (Flings arms around Person B) Oh it’s so lovely to see you in flesh after all these months! Long time! I thought that was your voice! Look, I’ve gotta rush off now but let’s do dinner on Friday. You lot come over, yeah? Daaamn, there are six of us now I’ve had the twins (rolls eyes); but you’re cool with that, yeah? Nine of us together; but who’s counting?


It Eats Me Up by Dele Oladeji 

It eats me up deeply– its schizophrenia-

Strange voices rage in my head – there

Were colours and darkness’s, but it

Eats me up still; its schizophrenia- I’d

Nowhere to turn; these darkness’s that occupied

The inside of my mind – the body numb-

There’s sleeplessness, loneliness and indulgence.

It eats me up in my flesh, it eats me up in

My bones, in my deep thoughts, in my way of

Life – In my sleep I dream sweet dark dreams.

The medication helps but it eats me up badly.

It eats me up completely, its schizophrenia. I feel

Very much dirty, lost, waiting in vain for love,


But these voices were there still running

Around in my heavy brain – a product of

Mental illness, a cast of sheer madness. It eats

Me up totally, its nothing but schizophrenia,

The demon of madness’s; void of life, eulogized in verses.