This is a piece of writing by one of Cardboard Citizens Members created through our regular Writers Circle workshops. This is inspired by conversations with their therapist about composers and OCD.

“He lovingly ran his finger and thumb along one of the pencils, lifting it slightly from the jar, examining the tip. It was sharpened to perfection, no break in the lead, not too thick but not going to break if it was used. He sighed as he placed the pencil back in the jar, before adjusting it to the left. Another pencil caught his eye, his breath quickened, a chip, how could that have happened, he had only finished sharpening them an hour ago. He picked up the pencil and threw it in the bin. Later tonight he might retrieve it but for now he didn’t want it in his sight. He arranged the remaining pencils before getting a piece of manuscript paper and lining it up against the edge of the desk.

Now he could begin.”

by T Catford