Back in September we ran a series of trans-inclusive workshops specifically for our female and non binary Members.  Participants were asked to produce pieces of creative writing during the workshops which we are sharing, with permission, to celebrate International Women’s Day. The workshops were illustrated by Jazz.

This is the third installment of the writing, more will be published throughout the week.

The second stage of this workshop series is starting again next week. Places are fully subscribed but you can find out more about them in the What’s On section.

Anthem of Womanhood by Clare Barstow

I feel like I am waving my finger at the world and all the pranksters and jesters who are in pseudo power over us. We are our own mistress and don’t need misguided hackneyed quotes from hypocritical politicians to guide us in this surreal fragmented landscape. As women we are joined by an umbilical chord to the heartbeat of nature as it pulsate and brings us life, energy and empowerment We resonate our beings through echoes and natural rhythms as we dance to the anthem of womanhood. We are maiden, mother, chrone and we channel positivity through our inner soul.

I can feel the vibrations through my feet as I dance on the web and am energized. It is time for me to leave this silken home and expand my horizons on a new adventure. My spirit encircles me as I journey into new horizons and on a road less travelled. I seek communion with fellow independent souls who have burnt their disposable belongings at the alter and together we can bring opportunities for a new beginning.

Sounds breathe from our feet through our bodies from mother earth reaching all the way up to the sky in one long embrace celebrating our existence. We channel energy as a conductor of love and hope. Our biorhythms bounce off each other and we dance naked as a newborn, clothed in the dreams of a new generation. The vibrant colours of our auras pulsate in waves as we open up our third eyes and receive unearthly wisdom in a sensual paradise.