Back in September we ran a series of trans-inclusive workshops specifically for our female and non binary Members.  Participants were asked to produce pieces of creative writing during the workshops which we are sharing, with permission, to celebrate International Women’s Day. This is the second installment of the writing, more will be published throughout the week.

The second stage of this workshop series is starting again next week. Places are fully subscribed but you can find out more about them in the What’s On section.

Yoga by Jazz

The grounding energy rises up through my feet

up my legs into my knees, where there is a

weightless space hiding as the energy travels

Moving up my thighs into my hips

which feels like a pendulum that’s come to stillness.

My chest feels open and I can breathe freely.

My neck feels pleasantly stretched as the energy

spreads from my shoulders to down my arms

feeling heavy but firm

My hands are flat and feel like

lightening is shooting out of my fingertips

My mind is clear and focused

Take this web of actions

strand by strand

woven through consequence

a bend there is balanced by

a lifting and straightening

over here

Breathe in through the nose

breathe out through the mouth

keep it comfortable and steady

remember to listen to your body

this is your vehicle

I wove this web so I can eat

said the spider to the bee

Why in front of my hive?

asked the bee

The spider replies

I catch more flies with honey

than with vinegar.