Here’s a poem by Sue Sadler – a Cardboard Citizens Member based in Coventry, who recently participated in both the Cardboard Camp, and as part of the community choir for The Ruff Tuff Cream Puff Estate Agency.

Sue wrote the poem in response to working on the programme with us this year.

A Cardboard Citizens Member reads a poem in front of a table


Transformation is everywhere
From the flowers in the ground to the clouds in the air
We even transform our voices to make different sounds
We transform ourselves by changing clothes
wearing something different from heads to toes
Like a bud becomes a flower
Lots of things transform by the hour
Transformation is so amazing
It feels good to see people dating
Things can change from good to bad
It even makes us from sad to bad
The biggest transformation may be on its way
But give it time there may be a delay
But you will know when it’s about to start
you’ll feel it in your soul and heart
Even the smallest of things soon become most clear
You’ll see things transform as they become dear
We transform ourselves to deal with life problems
and find a way to help us solve them.

– Sue Sadler