We are proud to be launching The London Ticket Bank today, a new joint initiative with the Cultural Philanthropy Foundation, making 1000 theatre tickets a week available to people affected by homelessness, poverty and inequity.

Ticket Bank will help people who could not otherwise afford to enjoy the city’s art and culture to access tickets during the cost of living crisis, through partnerships with The Almeida Theatre, Barbican, Bush Theatre, Gate Theatre, The National Theatre, Roundhouse and Tara Theatre.

Each cultural organisation has pledged tickets for theatre, comedy, live music and dance performances at a donate-what-you-can rate via The London Ticket Bank web page on the Cultural Philanthropy Foundation website. Tickets will be offered to Citz Members as well as reaching people through Centrepoint, The House of St Barnabas, The Longford Trust, Positive Action in Housing, London based food banks, Union Chapel and The Big House. These partners will provide access codes direct to people accessing their services to book tickets via The Ticket Bank.

 Ticket Bank embodies our work to unlock the life changing possibilities of art and theatre for people with lived experience of homelessness, poverty, or societal inequity

Chris Sonnex, our Artistic Director said: “Access to art and culture are essential to the human condition, a human right. If people can’t afford these riches, society is poorer off. I’m incredibly proud of the London arts and culture community coming together to offer tickets city wide to people who, through no fault of their own, are on or under a poverty line. It is a real act of change, and it will give many people, who couldn’t otherwise, the opportunity to be entertained, to see other worlds, to escape and most importantly to dream”.

Read more on The Ticket Bank website, The Guardian and BBC News.