All of us at Cardboard Citizens have been profoundly shocked by the killing of George Floyd. We are challenged and inspired by the way Black people across the world have come together, and galvanised others to take action to tackle ongoing racism and systemic oppression.

We believe that Black Lives Matter and stand in solidarity with all those who face racial oppression. We are making space as an organisation where we can listen, share and reflect with our Members, staff and colleagues. We are also listening to the powerful voices of activists from across the arts and more widely. From these conversations, we will take action – we acknowledge that there is significant work to be done.

We are working to address the way we as individuals and as an organisation can listen, learn, heal, build, discuss, grieve, celebrate, and do better. We want to play our part.

Reading and action

Here are some of the resources we’ve been sharing as a staff team.

We’re currently reading:

We’re supporting: