Here are all the candidates for your new Member Rep. This is your opportunity to vote for the person who you feel will be the best advocate for the Cardboard Citizens Members. Their role is to ensure that the work of Citz remains current, relevant, and reflective of the needs of, and issues facing, people with experience of poverty and homelessness.

Please watch each video and then cast your vote via an anonymous Survey Monkey link at the bottom of this page.


“I want to share my passion for the arts and for the activities… in the theatre company: you can do it! I want people to learn music, singing, dancing, acting, any art form that can give you joy and happiness – it’s a therapy… and it can become one’s profession.”



“Whenever I walk into a room full of Cardboard Citizens, I cannot help but be struck by the wealth of talent, skills, life experience in the space, so many stories and so many ways of expressing them…

I’m interested in harvesting and utilising the mass of skills and talents and desires that already exist within the membership… I’d like to … utilise this to help each other achieve our individual artistic goals and ambitions.”


“I would love to see more people join Cardboard Citizens .. see more people like me, shy people, coming out of their shells… I would love to see people given a chance to share their ideas… there are people with amazing ideas but sometimes they are afraid to bring these ideas to life because of fear… I would love to be an inspiration for people who are shy…”


“One of my main objectives is to promote growth within the company for the Members and the company as a whole… and in doing so we can achieve a lot, we can make it a more open experience and a more better experience for all of us.”

How to Vote

Only Cardboard Citizens Members can vote.

You will need to vote by a form on Survey Monkey. The form allows you to vote for your first choice and second choice candidate. You may only vote once. You will be asked to submit an email address to ensure no-one votes more than once. This data will remain confidential and will not be shared with the candidates.

The deadline for voting is Friday 16 December.

Vote Here!