The Citz Storytellers – a team of younger Cardboard Citizens Members – have been working for three years on their No Box No Label campaign; challenging the labels that society places on young people, those who experience homelessness, and other misleading or limiting labels.

Now, they’re due to launch an interactive film – written and performed by the Citz Storytellers, in conjunction with Highrise Theatre – in which they challenge the use of the reductive acronym BAME, and look to a future without labels.

The Citz Storytellers will be releasing blogs in the run up to dropping the interactive film, explaining the history of No Box No Label, the journey so far, and the origins of this campaign. Watch this space!

Here’s the campaign’s mission statement:

Our mission as Citz Storytellers is to educate and spark conversations that will provoke debates and lead to action. 

No Box No Label takes a holistic view of human beings. Stop subdividing people. Stop boxing people in. We are working towards a world where no box or label has the power to control or define us. 

BAME is an “inclusive” illusion that does not recognise people as individuals. Instead, it hides the differences that make us unique. It is a label that promotes systemic oppression by decreasing opportunity for those believed to fit in this category and gives power to those outside its boxed walls the ability to supersede others. 

We all have the power to change this!  

We invite you to Join our mission. Take part in our interactive film. Decide what choice of events are right. Will you conform or challenge?