Our involvement in Undercover: Britain's Homeless Scandal In 2016

Posted on: 14 February 2017

Written by: Charlie Marshall

On Monday night Channel 4's Dispatches aired Undercover: Britain's Homeless Scandal, an undercover investigation about emergency housing featuring Cardboard Citizens actors. This statement explains our involvement:

Channel 4’s Dispatches approached Cardboard Citizens to be involved in an episode investigating the impact of homeless women attempting to get off the street and how local councils are dealing with the increasing demand for emergency housing.

We worked with the team to audition and recruit a group of actors from our Membership, all of who have experience of homelessness. These actors were trained by Dispatches to film undercover interviews with councils in London and Manchester.

Given the sensitive nature of the subject, both during and after filming Cardboard Citizens ensured all the actors had access to advice and guidance to support their emotional needs.

Dispatches chose to approach Cardboard Citizens following our similar involvement in Crisis’ 2014 report, Turned Away, in which a group of our Members acted as undercover mystery shoppers to investigate how local authorities treat homeless people.

The Dispatches filming took place during rehearsals for our critically acclaimed Forum Theatre production Cathy, which explored one woman’s journey into homelessness.

The resulting programme, Undercover: Britain's Homeless Scandal airred on 13 February 2017.