We are looking to create a small pool of people (between 5-10 maximum), to work on a new piece for BBC Radio 4.  

As part of an association between Cardboard Citizens and the University of Birmingham, we’ve been recovering the lost histories of ‘vagrants’ from over a hundred years ago – people who fell foul of the Vagrancy Act of 1824, a piece of legislation which, incredibly, is still essentially in effect today, used to criminalise a wide range of rough sleepers and others. With the help of Professor Nick Crowson, we are trying to bring these unheard voices to life, at the same time as wondering who they might be today, and what has and hasn’t changed. 

We will be creating a one hour piece for BBC Radio 4, due to be broadcast in September 2021, produced by Jonquil Panting for Jonx Productions.  

Initially work will take place on Zoom, with an aspiration to be physically together from April.  

Individuals will be paid £120 per day (£60 per half day). 

Travel expenses to locations and recording studios will also be covered. You will be sent any equipment necessary to take part. 


We are looking for people interested in working with historical material to recreate the lives and characters of these historical vagrants, people who enjoy imagining and telling stories from the past. 

The choice of participants will be closely connected to the voices of the characters we are seeking to bring to life and the balance of the group. 

The roles will also involve participation in group discussions about the material and its resonance in the modern world. 

There will be different levels of engagement varying between two and five afternoon sessions on Zoom and then at Citz HQ with extra studio sessions as required in the period Feb – June 2021. 

It is important to be aware that all material, including discussions and sharing personal stories will be recorded and then edited for broadcast 

If you have taken part in Vagrants activity to date, you do not need to do formal application, just email Claire on Producer@cardboardcitizens.org.uk  know if you wish to be considered for this going forward.  


Specific dates & times TBC – First session you will need to be available for: 

Wednesday 24 March, 2pm – 6pm on Zoom


Deadline: Tuesday 23 February, 5pm  

Please send an audio file to either producer@cardboardcitizens.org.uk (by recording on your phone, computer or tablet) or to Bonny on 07421 383 770 of no longer than three minutes where you tell a story about you/your family. We don’t want it to be rehearsed, and it can be completely made up!  

Alongside the audio recording please write three lines about why you want to take part and what relevant experience you have.  

We will then let everyone know if they are part of the pool or not by Friday 19 February.