Meet the Citz

Meet some of Cardboard Citizens' Members.

Working with the company has given me a sense of purpose and direction, so I’m not just meandering through life leaving a vapour trail of social destruction behind me!
Simon's Story
I’ve had a lot of support with my recent housing crisis as well as emotional and practical help with anything I ever needed to talk about.
Maddie's Story
Life can be hard, but you just keep going and enjoy the bloody ride.
Errol's Story
It was the first time I experienced warmth and felt in safe hands.
Zviad's Story
I’m just so grateful that I’m part of this. I’ve been looking for something like this for a really long time.
Helen's Story
I think it’s about feeling valued, being seen, and feeling that you have a voice.
N's Story
People say I’ve changed, that I look different.
Mash's Story
Cardboard Citizens have given me so much during my transition.
Jono's Story
Cardboard Citizens have turned my life around in more ways than one.
Lee's Story
Acting makes my life complete. It gives me purpose.
Miguel's Story
In less than three months from the first experience I was performing in front of audiences of 300 people!
Kenny's Story
I didn’t want to be integrated, I didn’t think society was ethical.
Jake's Story
ACT NOW was a good opportunity to feel less alone and to get support from other young people.
Melissa's Story
There’s something about being yourself, being creative, and communicating better, especially if you don’t know the language.
Yolanda's Story
I think the fact that Cardboard Citizens even exists is amazing because we have somewhere to go and focus and unleash our creative energy.
Mateasa's Story
I just love this organisation. I think it’s brilliant and it has changed my life.
Trisha's Story
Now I’m here getting energized, getting athletic, getting committed to things that I haven’t done in years.
John's Story
It’s important to have trust even through the hardest days, the hardest experiences.
Chrisi's Story