Big Give 2018: How your festive fundraising supported Citz

Posted on: 16 April 2019

Written by: Emily Anderson-Wallace

In December 2018, we launched the Cardboard Citizens Big Give Christmas Challenge for the second year running, and now we’re delighted to share with you the results of our festive fundraiser!

The success of the Big Give 2017 allowed Cardboard Citizens to collaborate with artist Paula Varjack and theatre company Clean Break to create the multi-media piece All The Lights Are On. Following the Big Give 2018, your donations will aid our ongoing attempts to break down the social and economic barriers that obstruct homeless people from entering the arts - whether that be subsidising travel costs, providing discretionary hardship payments, or securing low-cost theatre and arts tickets for Members.

Thanks to your generosity, the Big Give 2018 raised over £8000. Every penny of the money raised will go towards maintaining and improving Cardboard Citizens’ ongoing workshop programmes, as well as ensuring that we’ll be able to continue to support our Members, empowering and encouraging them to positive progress in their lives. 

Subsidising travel

The specific outcomes of the money you helped us raise will have tangible benefits for Cardboard Citizens’ Members. Using this money, we’ll be able to provide travel expenses and refreshments to Members like Roman, who has received contributions towards his travel fare from Cardboard Citizens and therefore can afford to attend workshops with us. Because of his subsidised travel fare, Roman regularly attends our Writers’ Circle and is training to be a peer mentor with Cardboard Citizens, in the hope that he can help out other people who might be in a similar situation. Donations to the Big Give 2018 will ensure that the Members that Roman mentors will be able to experience the same benefits as he himself did.

Arts Engagement for Members

According to a report from Creative Health in 2017, 82% of people in deprived communities experienced greater feelings of wellbeing after engaging in the arts - people like Chelsie, who is a Member of Cardboard Citizens. As part of our continued commitment to engaging with the wider arts sector, we were able to buy Chelsie a ticket to see the play The Jungle, which she loved. A regular Member who attends our Acting and Performance workshops, for Chelsie the opportunity to see a high-profile London show was an invaluable experience.  As a direct result of your donations to Big Give 2018, we’ll able to buy Members like Chelsie tickets to see powerful and thought-provoking theatre, opening doors that otherwise would remain shut.

Discretionary Hardship Fund

Cardboard Citizens is committed to helping Members in any way we can, whether that be arts-related or not. Funds from the Big Give 2018 will also ensure that we can provide funds to Members like Eric, who was given a £40 hardship grant to pay the gas and electric bills for him and his family. He was also given a travel subsidy to help him get to our peer mentoring course, and therefore benefit from the opportunities and workshops that Cardboard Citizens are able to offer. 

Thank you!

Because of the funds raised from the Big Give 2018, we will be able to ensure that up to 150 individuals are able to access workshops, events and support sessions; we’ll be able to help around 30 individuals attend theatre or arts performances outside of HQ; we’ll be able to support around 30 individuals in their efforts to make positive progress in their lives. Thank you for your generosity and continued support of the work we do here - it honestly makes a huge difference. 

If you’re feeling particularly charitable, do have a look at our website for ways to donate, including some ways that don't cost you a penny - helping us progress even further and change the lives of more of our Members.

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